Dungeons – it’s pretty good to be evil

The old Dungeon Keeper series have demonstrated that is very pleasant and appealing to play the role of a villain, to control all the aspects of an evil “business” and kill with cold blood all the heroes who try to thwart you.

On the same ideas goes also the game Dungeons, a game developed by German studio Realms-forge Studios. This game borrows heavily from the classic one mentioned above: evil heroes, the catacombs, breeding ground for monsters and the need to broaden underground to expand your field and to find treasures. Unfortunately, their ideas not combine very well with the rest: the fights are a little boring, the level up is unsatisfactory and grinding for resources can become at some point overwhelming and exhausting. But it’s fun, it’s like when you click to claim some cash for free to get more chances to play your game.

The action takes place in real time and pretty quickly: you will build traps, decorations to increase your prestige, you control den of monsters (but not the creatures), you will dig goblins tunnels and you will have to “take care” of heroes that go underground and try to steal your treasures. These heroes can be imprisoned and tortured in different ways, but not exagerated. Basically, you will need first to let them take what they want and then to jump and kill them obtaining in this way soul energy, raw material that helps Deimos to make bigger and worse than it is.

One big problem of the game is the lack of multiplayer game option. There are only separate levels based on missions and simply sandbox. At least the graphics looks good enough and the environment really gives you the feeling of suffocating maze.

The best part of whole game is humor. More or less subtle, the story narrates the adventure of anti-hero Deimos and his quests to recover the empire after betraying his beloved one. The goblin guide, Mr. Sidekick, is actually a jewelry not only for his mean replicas, but also in terms of malicious voice.

The game has good parts like a cute graphic and pretty well designed that will give you the desire to build perfect gobbling underground. And as I already mentioned in the paragraph above, the evil and sarcastic lines may be the best part of the game.

The game also has some bad parts: the lack of multiplayer option, sometimes the fights are a little boring and at some point they may become repetitive and the story gives to much details that may interfere with your game play.

Dungeons is a game that is worthy to be played especially because it gives you the chance to be the evil character. This game is special and pretty interesting.

Ridge Racer Unbounded – it’s a decent game

Ridge Racer unbounded wants to be a real revitalization of the Ridge Racer franchise and a very different game from the regular formula that Namco Bandai has recycled over the last nearly 20 years.

Produced by Bugbear, Ridge Racer unbounded includes all the successful elements used by all good racing titles appeared in the recent years: destructible town like in Split/Second, spectacular crashes as in Burnout, the ability to create your own trails and, of course, the classic game drifting system of the game Ridge Racer.

This time the action takes place in the fictional city of Shatter Bay, where players can take part in five categories of races: domination races, Shindo races, drift attack, time attack and frag attack.

Shatter Bay is divided into several districts in which take places several trails. If you come out victorious in enough of these races, you will unlock new areas of the city, new evidence, and, obviously new top cars. The cars in Ridge Races Unbounded have a great visual aspect, some of them returning from older titles of the series. They are also divided into several classes according to the type of competition in which you will have to be a part (all the races I have already mentioned above).

The power reserve can be filled up by driving violent, destruction of pieces of the route, eliminating opponents or making spectacular drifting. This, once completed, can be used for various purposes: a temporary speed boost, accessing shortcuts or easiest ways to destroy the other participants in the race. Not just once during the races, this question will pop up in your head: is it to use this power reserve here to eliminate two contestants or I’d better keep it to unlock the next shortcut? This is pretty tricky, but you will figure it out according to your needs at the moment.

Unfortunately, aside from the bonus points that these shortcuts can bring you, their approach during races is not always indicated. Their routes are sometimes longer than the defaults, while bringing significant losses compared to the opponents that have chosen the original route. Even the visual performance does not live up to expectations, the destruction of buildings and walls of Ridge Racer Unbounded not being able to compare with the effects that you can experience in the impressive Split/Second.

Another black ball for the Ridge Racer Unbounded goes to the multiplayer mode. It simply does not work the way it should, I had many attempts to confront other online players, attempts that have successfully failed. Whether I was greeted by the message “sessions not available” or I have simply entered naked lobbies, without any opponent. It is really a big shame that this aspect of the game has not been granted the attention it deserves.

In conclusion, Ridge Racer Unbounded can really be considered a new beginning for Namco Bandai series with all these elements borrowed from other games. However, the repetitive routes and the inoperative multiplayer prevents the title from Bugbear to reach its true potential.